Ever had the unpleasant experience of having other vehicles stopping too closely behind your motorcycle? It is especially true if you have a GIVI top box without reflector, because other drivers cannot see the box at night.

The solution is to mount a GIVI LED Stop Light Kit.

The kit features super bright LEDs that can be seen a long way down the road. The unit is sealed and weatherproof.

Depending on your motorcycle’s lighting/electrical system, they stay on with the ignition, but blink when you apply the brakes. The human eye is designed to pick up moving objects better, hence a blinking light has more chance of catching their attention.

Usage Experience:

This writer’s top box is mounted far behind due to the design of his bike. He noticed many instances where other vehicles stopping in less than 1 metre from the top box, as the drivers could not see the box.

Besides that, he also noticed that cars brake rather late after he has applied his brakes.

Such happenings disappeared altogether after installing the brake light kit. Other vehicles brake just as he applies his brakes and they stop further away from his motorcycle.

The LEDs are also power efficient. This writer noticed there is no voltage drop after installing the kit.

GIVI offers three types of LED Brake Light Kit. Please refer to your GIVI Point for the current option and fitment. The kit is priced from RM 28.00 (inclusive of SST). The mounting is included.

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