Two Brothers Silver Comp S DB Killer Kit (Screwed)




Two Brothers Silver Comp S DB Killer Kit (Screwed)

Type: Silencer

Brand: Two Brothers

Color: Silver

Two Brothers Racing Comp S Cone Silencer Exhaust Insert – for Screwed On End Caps (dB Reducer / Killer / Sound Suppressor) (005-DB-C)

This sound suppressor is an accessory for a Two Brothers Comp S exhaust system (with a screwed on end cap).

The TBR DB-C quiets most pipes between 6-8 dB with only a minimal loss of horsepower. An easy and cost effective method of helping to keep your vehicle in compliance with new noise regulations. Easy to install – simply unbolt your existing endcap, drop in the insert and reassemble.

For Muffler Canisters with End Caps that are Screwed/Bolted on (not riveted).

Not intended for use on Two Brothers HD (Harley Davidson) exhausts, other Two Brothers canisters, or with spark arrestors.

For Japanese Cruisers (mainly Kawasaki Vulcan)

-7 dB decrease (varies between models)

Fits Screwed End Caps


Does Not Fit:


  • M2
  • M5
  • M7
  • S1R
  • Storm Series
  • Honda Goldwing Comp S
  • Harley Davidson