• Brand : R&G
  • Product Code : MLG0013BK
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Brand: R&G Racing

Product Code: 47611652

Part no. : MLG0013BK

The R&G brake lever guard safeguards against interference that can un-intentionally and very dangerously activate the front brake. Extremely lightweight organic polymers are woven into a beautiful twill pattern and finished in a high gloss that is stunning and very strong. This protective lever guard has been adopted by major racing organizations for the significant enhancement in safety during close elbow to elbow racing where a quick bump on the front brake lever (by another motorcycle or an elbow) can cause the front wheel to lock up. Street riders who regularly filter through traffic and other tight situations can also benefit as a quick bump from a side view mirror or traffic cone could easily cause your motorcycle to stop abruptly without warning. Installation does not require any drilling, cutting or other permanent modifications as the unit fits in place of the original right side bar end. Prevent un-necessary risks that threaten your safety while also decorating your bike with some gorgeous carbon fiber and install a brake lever guard from R&G!