LOOZEN 04 - (45ML)


  • Brand : Armor All
  • Product Code : LOOZEN 04 - (45ML)
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LOOZEN 04 - (45ML)


LOOZEN 04 - (45ML)


Loozen LN-04 Lubricant and Rust Removal features:

Protects: Against rust, environmental corrosion and items like Tools, Firearms, Sporting Equipment etc.

Penetrates: To free stuck parts like Hinges, Nuts, Bolts, Valves, Locks, Castors, Springs, Taps etc.

Displaces Moisture: Drives out water on metal surfaces such as Engines Spark Plugs, Power Tools (incl. garden), Motorcycle Engines and Outboard Motors.

Cleans and Lubricates: Moving parts such as Hinges, Wheels, Chains, Gears also non Moving Taps Handles, Windows, Pedals etc.

Free Sticky Mechanisms: Removes Jams and Lubricates Door Locks, Zippers, Sewing Machines, Typewriter keys, Controls, Linkages Cables etc.